About Jenikäe

Filipp Jenikäe (b. 1987) is a German artist working and living in Münster and Paris. His access to the art world was through his mother who was an art teacher. A family of art lovers, his sister studied history of arts, but despite this, Jenikäe has no formal training in art. He studied Law and later political science at the UAB Barcelona, before studying business administration in the Netherlands. It was later in his life when he discovered his passion for art, following the end of his childhood dream to play professional basketball.


At the time he was living in Berlin, which was a perfect environment for his creative pursuits. Painting mainly with acrylics on canvas his paintings document popular culture including the achievements of sportsmen and women, as well as musicians. His fascination with the nuances of the societies he has lived within also influence his paintings of landscapes and vibrant social scenes in a variety of location across popular cities including nightclubs, bars and backyards.


His main influences include: Henry Taylor, Jonas Wood, Nina Chanel Abney, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, George Grosz, David Hockney, and Faith Ringgold and references from their work are evident in his paintings.